Melide is an old town with a long history. The first settlement that shown evidence was a celtic “castro”  (a celtic stone building) on the top of  the nowadays called “O Castelo”  (The Castle), place name of the former  medieval castle which was built over the mentioned castro. It was destroyed in the “Irmandoña Revolt” and the stones of the former castle were of use for the building of Sancti Spiritus Church, in the historic Melide ensemble. The current  Iglesia Parroquial (Parochial Church) is located in Plaza del Convento (Convento Square)  next  to Terra de Melide Museum (Melideland Museum) , which was a former hospital for pilgrims.  On the right side you can find  “Pazo da Obra Pía”( Manor House of Charitable Deed), the present Council and  “Capilla de San Antonio” (Saint Anthony Chapel).

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In Melide town two Ways of Saint James’  meet, Primitive Way and French Way. This cosmopolitan influence devised the open and commercial spirit of Melide people with a successful trade which is open seven days a week and with an important trade fair on sunday.

The most outstanding of Melide gastronomy is the famous Melide octopus, local  meats and products and traditional pastries as the delicious “melidendres” filled with almonds. 

You can also find a wide accommodation offer and visit  at weekends the “wines” and pubs area with one of the most famous night life in Galicia.

You can find all this information and further in the tourism web site of Melide Council.

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