Restaurant We have daily special offers and an extensive menu

At the Hotel Xaneiro restaurant you can enjoy Galician and Spanish gastronomy. We offer you an extensive and delicious menu that will certainly please you .

Menu: 9 €

Breakfast: 4 €

Picnic: 6 €



1º 1st

Tuna pie

Roast beef and roast potatoes

Frozen cake

2º  2nd

Pasta salad

Lamb  with accompaniment

Santiago’s cake  (Saint  James’ cake)

3º 3rd

Mixed salad

Rice and chiken


4º 4th


Galicia- style hake

Homemade crème caramel

5º 5th

Galician broth

Grilled sole

Season fruit

6º 6th

Hors d’oeuvres / appetizers

Octopus and potatoes

*Orujo cake

*orujo: strong Spanish liqueur made from residue of grape skins after pressing

7º 7th

Chicken broth



*paella: typical Spanish rice dish with meet or seafood

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